Friday, 13 May 2011


The green from Infallibility Trousers’ glass eye was made from a recycled Molotov-cocktail. The Molotov-cocktail had been thrown by a revolutionary on his day out to topple whatever it was that needed toppling.
            On his day out, Molotov-cocktail man had approached a friendly and helpful police thug to ask him why? The friendly and helpful police thug had pushed Molotov-cocktail man in such a friendly and helpful manner that Molotov-cocktail man had fallen headfirst onto the concrete kerb. This was bad news for Molotov-cocktail man, who had an Achilles’ Head. When smashed onto a concrete kerb, an Achilles’ Head will smash, resulting in death by natural misadventure.
            The white from Infallibility Trousers’ glass eye had come from a recycled glass marble which had once been swallowed a six-year-old boy who wasn’t psychic. The six-year-old boy who wasn’t psychic had wanted to see if the marble would choke him to death and was surprised when it hadn’t. It had stayed in his intestines for several days, after which it had been thrown out by his parents, who pretended that everything was fine.
            The black from Infallibility Trousers’ glass eye came from a recycled goblet which had once belonged to a confused Satanist with an Achilles’ Head who had once swallowed a marble.
            The origins of the glass from Infallibility Trousers’ other glass eye was unknown, as it was an adopted glass eye and no-one knew or wouldn’t say.

Infallibility Trousers saw things which no-one else saw. Not through his glass eyes, obviously, but through his mind’s eye. The glass from his mind’s eye was made from recycled windows.

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