Friday, 13 May 2011

One Key Ingredient

For the inventor of the jumper cake

Every Yummyday, our Granny used to bake us all one of her famous jumper cakes. Nothing was as tempting or as moist or as deliciously cakey as one of Granny’s famous jumper cakes.
            When anyone in the family went on the cake-free diet, proclaiming that they would not eat any cakes, we would ask, “Not even a jumper cake?!” and then they would laugh. “Apart from a jumper cake!” No-one could resist a jumper cake.
            If there had been a cake outside Plato's cave, the shadow it cast would have been from one of Granny’s famous jumper cakes. Granny used to say that her jumper cake was a manifestation of humanity in cake form and our desire for cakeness.
            Granny went to wherever it is that Grannies go after a lifetime of gravity and that was the end of her famous jumper cakes.

I once tried to bake a jumper cake in her honour, but I left out one key ingredient.

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