Friday, 27 May 2011

An Ode to My Ph’narticles’ Particulated Grabbled Hooks’natchh!

Besmankled, torflid groind’hat shlits,
Faskrunkled on my honksmell pits,
While ph’narticles, particulate and slumpy,
Were grabbled by a hooks’natch flimly skummpy!
In all them flakkid stink,
Derangibled and gnink,
We saw them like a thorgled fack
All over mighty Andlick’s crack;
Then sat we down to smin the shittled manglies,
As everywhere we harkened at them danglies.

For every wenjy-massle-clax,
There splits a hoojy-doojy-vax,
But not before the singled margled punty
Is quite eviscerated by a tunty.
All over Murty’s yarties,
We dribbled nindy farties,
And snintled like the boonest gits,
Despite our narsty farty bits.
Behold! And yell forever like some dimbles,
Approaching scorching desiccated pimbles.

Whenever we are most forlooned,
It’s then we shrinkle like the dooned.
As brave as Testanartle’s magic wick,
We pandate with the yanlid, meanest plick.
And armed with just a nankle,
We fight them to the dankle,
Until we both lie in a mound,
Of gormanastic, vomit-ground;
Forever sharking for a pesting heave,
‘til then, and only then, the naughties leave. 

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