Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Like an Burn-ey Thing It Go Bang!

Nasty Jefferson Face, him housey burn-ey, burn-ey, burn-ey! Bit like an nasty skindy seize, aksh. Ouch! Wenty house. And meltey, burn-ey and bang! Nasty Jefferson Face, his thingummybobs and thingummybibs wented go all bad and yucky wrong, like an crinimal on a list of wanty.
            Him telly go boomy, smash and whoops-a-melty pop!
            Them lecic wires wendle sparky, sparkly firecracked ‘n’ deadly-oh-dear-christ-whad’ve-I-dun?
            The eaty table diney-room did a wood, charcoal, ash tramsfornation. “Um,” said him friends. “You am is a bad, naughty Nasty Jefferson Face. Look at trouble come ‘en hit you in yours face, Nasty Jefferson Face, just stew wait and see,” them all said.
            The tacky China ornaments from him Mumsy La La, gotty they an second glaze what was unexpected. Noise? Look-at-that! Noisy! From that Screaming WailingohmygodWTF Fire Engine thingies.
            Things started to a collapsy, collapsy, collapsy, just exactly like a real thing!
            Nasty Jefferson Face him hide him face and a laughy like a burn-ey daemon. “Heh-heh-heh!” him laughied. “I will get my own way. I will. I will. I will. What shape is a burning house anyway?” A naughty explosion boom throw a scary brick at that nasty face of Nasty Jefferson Face and the firehose put him out with a splash.
            “Oh, well,” thought him Mum. “At least that’s him taken care of.” 

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