Monday, 30 January 2012

Do All These Things

Walk into the bathroom wall,
It’s half-past ninety-two,
Then stare up at the sun all day,
     Whilst flam flim flumbly floo.

Shoot the moon with pepper spray,
The ceiling’s on the floor,
Attack the fridge with Mormons,
     For bla and blee blunaw.

Argue with a stolen clock,
The truth has just collapsed,
Annoy an angry light bulb,
     Perhaps, perhaps, perhapsed.

Drop a bomb on last night's frost,
My bookshelf has a cold,
Then set fire to the kitchen sink,
     O! yong yan yinkappy yolled.

Do all these things which I have said,
Before the tide comes in,
For only then will things make sense,
     Like quong quam quinkally quin.

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