Monday, 2 January 2012

On Dangerous Animals

A silent sheep is a dangerous sheep,
Who’ll try to dispose of you when you’re asleep.
Beware of this cloud-shaped but deadly assassin,
Who’ll shoot you, or stab you, or give you a gassin’.
Some evil-doers remorsefully weep,
But not the abominable, villainous sheep.

A statuesque cow is a dangerous cow,
Whose favourite sentence is, “Kill them all now!”
Stay out of the way of this murder-machine,
If you value your kidneys, or liver, or spleen.
Some killers ask, “Forgive me, please, now,”
But not the despicable, menacing cow.

A mud-covered pig is a dangerous pig,
And murdering folk is his favourite gig.
Avoid, if you can, every one of these felons,
Who enjoy slicing up all their victims, like melons.
Some bad guys repent, some don’t give a fig;
The latter applies in the case of the pig.

But… a murdering fox is a beautiful fox,
As charming and sweet as a musical box.
Although he could never consume more than one,
He’ll murder a houseful of chickens for fun.
Administer lethal electrical shocks,
To he who would dare to pursue the mild fox.

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