Monday, 9 January 2012

A Most Audacious Bear

Last night I met a most audacious bear,
Who laughed at me because I wasn’t there.
He spoke aloud in sounds I could not hear,
And said to me, “I see you! Disappear!”

I counted up to ten then back to nought,
Which made this most audacious bear quite fraught.
“You should have counted up,” he said, “to twenty.”
“But bear,” I said right back, “a zero’s plenty.”

The bear, who wasn’t here, made this remark:
“Things always seem much clearer in the dark.”
He told me that his wife would be here soon,
“Two weeks ago, just for the afternoon.”

We made unnecessary preparations,
For Mrs Bear got lost at railway stations.
At King’s Cross, she arrived in a canoe,
Then whisked her husband off to London Zoo.

He said to me, just as he flew away,
“We’ll meet again, but not before that day!”
I sat alone and sadly wondered when?
But never did I see that bear again.

This poem is for anyone who has ever lost their favourite Teddy Bear.

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