Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I found a key,
Unlocked a door;
Inside I found
An empty store.
Inside the store,
I found a space,
Which took me to
Another place.
The place was vast,
And deep and round,
It led me far
Beneath the ground,
Where darkness slept
For years on end;
Beyond that place
I saw a bend.
I walked towards
This curving line,
Which spiralled down
Towards a mine.
The mine was long,
And straight and true,
And like a giant
Chimney flue.
Descended I,
Towards a floor,
And saw a thing
Not there before:
And arch so tall,
It reached the sky,
And travelled up,
To Heavens high.
And as I stood,
And looked in awe,
I saw a strange,
Familiar door.
I reached towards
That door so wide,
And stepped beyond,
The world outside,
Where everything
There’d ever been
Was carved in stone,
And so serene.
I stood and stared,
And then I saw
A face I knew…
…and nothing more.


  1. This is awe inspiring, Fergus, one is with you throughout the compelling journey, great composition trotting on to the final pause - I love it.

  2. That's great to hear - thanks.