Monday, 25 July 2011

Sine amore...

Withdraw. Become secluded. Isolate
the self. Protect it. Trust in no-one. Hide
from everybody. Hate the world again.
Escape from feeling. Slaughter dreams. Arrest
and banish thoughts of brutal truth. Believe in
nothing. Leave the world behind. Be blind
to love. Embrace your silence. Have a care
for no-one. Be alone, untouched, aloof
and distant. Smile for no-one. Laugh for no-one.
Preserve the damaged self. And walk away.
Do not return. Escape the world and thus
escape from you, who’ll not see me again.

Diminish every sense to nothing. Vanish.
Obliterate cold words of comfort as
they try to surface; drown them all.
Dismiss the light. Exist no more and freeze
inside still shadows. Disappear from view.
Surrender what is left to safety. Lock
away your broken fragments. Throw the key
into the deepest ocean. Find your darkness. Shed
your outer shell of being. Scorch the stain
of your existence. Cease …nihil sum. 

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