Friday, 29 July 2011

A Pandaric Ode (Geddit?!)

O! Panda! Full of Pandaness,
You chewy bamboo Panda mess!
An’ everone say, “Lovely, la-la Panda!”
All zooward-bound to getta Panda-gander.
Your funny blacksy-white,
Brings Panda-ish delight.
A symbol of endangered beasties,
From North and South to Westy- Easties.
So cuddy bear, so spesh and fab like toy,
But wary we should be if him annoy (*sinister corduroys*)

For Panda’s temper, “Gosh and fie!”
Him breathing flamies up to sky,
And scorch to cinders all the world around him
When people look and stupefy-astound him.
Then he an scary creature,
Bit fascist, like an Nietzsche.
The Panda cannot pause… reflect…
Him simple want the place a-wrecked;
All krayzeee like an monochromish dragon,
Then only safetly place is Fireman wagon.

Oh! Panda! Whatta do wiv you?
Such black-eyed stare and munch bamboo.
We lock yew up and frow away ’a key,
And safe un-Panda world for me and thee.
For Panda carn’t be trusted.
Panda? We am disgusted!
O! Panda, Pandamaniac,
You Panda Pyromaniac!
You really just a ordinary bear,
All luffly, but a psycho; so – beware!

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