Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The magician’s hat did not contain a rabbit or a dove or  a dishwasher or a table or a book by Friedrich Nietzsche or yesterday’s knickers or an invisible spaceman or a wobbly wooden chair or soap or a half-eaten Bishop’s mitre or the reason why it happened or glass testicles or God’s false beard or the theme tune to Star Wars or crisps on a Wednesday or that look you give me when you’re cross or the Whore of Babylon’s merkin or  the words which they failed to put in the Oxford English Dictionary or a startled mousse or the Defenestration of Prague or the Diet of Worms or a special clock or an answering machine which actually answers or Mars or a mechanic in a hurry or the excommunication of Henry VIII or milk or the final countdown or readers’ wives or a drunken reprobate or an unpaid gas bill or karma or savage cuts or a complete disinclination or an insincere over-apology or Martin Luther King’s astronaut suit or Ghandi’s last tea bag or the tie worn by Che Guevara on his First Holy Communion or different crisps or a cup of tea or a cup of tea or a cup of tea or a cup of tea with no milk.

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