Saturday, 16 July 2011


Execrable, dystopian, myopic dilettante,
Cantankerous, ad hominem, all too-la-la enchanté.
A stultifying charabanc still a posteriori,
Obliterated behemoth, jejune and a priori.
Belittled, pharaonic, disambiguated deus,
Germanic dereliction, shamanistic Gallileus.
Some Messianic, garbage-filled, dyspeptic desecration,
No jocular or fatuous Hellenic micturation.
Fellated, enervated, deconustructed, onanistic,
Auspicious balanitis, orgiastic, atavistic.
Defiant, ineluctable, bionic caravanserai,
Pathetic demerara, though we still don’t know the answer why.
A misanthropic, feral, argumentative disaster,
Colonic irrigation, kinaesthetic alabaster.
Irrelevant zoology commanding extra salad,
Excitedly ironic with a heartfelt weepy ballad.
Cacophonous, diaphanous, garrotting melanoma,
The words herein will leave you in a deep linguistic coma.

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