Friday, 8 July 2011

Badder Van a Sharkie Naughtie

Him nasty stingie-waspie sting,
All stingie onna stingie-sting!
All waspie-ouch and ouchie-wasp,
Him waspie-stingie everfing!

Him stingie always everwhere
Like inna tween me fingers… yell!
And onna neck! Oh eff! Oh heck!
And unnerneath a armpit smell
                                                (kissy better now
                                                all smash ‘n’ luvvy
                                                mmmm French)

Now runna way and hidey hide
Be hind computer flappy-tap,
I’ll getta celery and crash!
Him waspie-head and glass all smash!

(Der – ficko, me! Watch wotchoo do necks time, ‘kay?
Don’t smasha glass, you irriot…At lease him waspy dead now,
shurrup, der; look a shark…)

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