Monday, 12 December 2011

The Paradiddle of the Not Bored Housewife

Jeffrey was talking to his Apostrophes about black holes, quantum mechanics and string theory. “So you see,” he said, “it really is possible for a camel to win an F1 race.” They were all amazing at this latest revelation, even Judas and his soon-to-be-hanged head.
            At that moment, a bored housewife approached Jeffrey.
            “I resent you referring to me as bored; that’s so typical. Any fule no that it is impossible for a housewife to be bored; we’re too busy and too bored, I mean important,” she shrieked, and stormed off.
            Jeffrey and his Apostrophes sat in stoned silence. Simon, who was called Teacher’s Pet, made to speak, but Jeffrey shushed him.
            When she was out of earshot, they all started laughing.
            “Don’t think I didn’t hear that!” came a voice, and they all looked shame-faced until.
            “So, you see,” said Jeffrey.

But they didn’t, as usual.


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    1. It's a far more entertaining word than "Parable".


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