Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Feat of the Inarticulate Contraption

A Reading from the Book of Tea Leaves.

In the fourth second of the ninth minute of the eleventh hour of the twelfth day of the third week of the sixth month, the Arch Anglophile Galadriel was sent by Gosh to a city of Galileo named Nazzyreth to give the goob news to a virgo, who was a virgo. And thus there was much rejoicing and wailing of Christmash Carol Vordemann from everyone but the virgo, who sat and sulked, for it was most unfair. And this fulfilled the prophecy which was written and believed by everyone apart from those who dibn’t and they went to the pub and barged into Midnight Mass on Christmash Eve. Something about shepherds.

This the worst of the Lot.

Response: Thank Gosh we aren’t virgos. 

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