Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kenneth Chinook-Helicopter’s Letter to Stan

Dear Stan,
            For Chintzmass this year, please, please me could I have and to hold onto your hats off to those responsible, the following things are not as they seem:


2 Not the same as the first (what am you think I be?).

3 The one after 909 (La-la-la! with harmonies from Paul Acartey).

4 Scone (whizz! zoom! bash! Ooh - poor joke).

5 That (no – that!).

6 This (yes – exactly; sigh of relief).

7 Some stuff (not too much stuff, just the right amount of stuff).


9 More than the last.

10 It’s all over now.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of these list of present and correct the spellings three times a lady Ga-Ga, all we need is radiohead to the hills are alive with the sound of.

Yours once-yearly,

HRH Lord Sir Kenneth Chinook of Helicopter

Ps 1 and 8 am teaspoons (property of JM, all shiny and old)

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