Saturday, 3 September 2011

Thirteen Things Which Don’t Make Sense

Armour-plated armour.
Left-handed opinions.
Fire-proof matches.
Believing that the heir to the throne doesn’t have the most over-arching sense of entitlement of anyone in the country.
Open-ended answers.
Understanding a misunderstanding.
A failed solution.
The silence in between the notes are part of the piece of music and therefore music.
The meaning of a word exists without the word.
Double-entendre only having one meaning.
A fergusthepoet blog.
The spelling of ‘desiccated’.

“13 Things That Don’t Make Sense”, a popular science book by Michael Brookes, is quite an interesting read. I’d have to travel quite a long way beyond the number 13 to list all of the phenomena in science which don’t make sense to me.

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