Sunday, 18 September 2011

Father and Son

A father discovered his son staring out of the window.
            “What are you looking at?” he asked.
            “I don’t know, really,” replied the son, “just… things, I suppose; nothing in particular.”
            “But what can you see?” asked the father.
            “One thing at a time: some grass; a tree; the swings; grey clouds; a path… things.”
            The father went to the window and looked out, peering over his son’s shoulder.
            “What can you see?” asked the son.
            “The passing of time,” replied the father, as he ruffled his son’s hair for the last time.

But when the boy turned to give his father a hug, he found that he was by himself, and was himself a man.


  1. Really good,it could be delivered as a poem.

  2. Yes I agree, I think it naturally speaks as a poem.