Monday, 19 September 2011


You can rob me of everything, but you will never, ever take my dignity! For my dignity’s my own and nothing you can do or say could prise it off me. Take the rest, but never take my dignity!

Or my vintage strat! Everything but my dignity and my vintage strat! And all of my other guitars: the twelve-string, the fretless bass, the white Jimi Hendrix which I got for my fortieth (and, while we’re at it, the vintage Marshall amp that goes with it), the Paul McCartney violin bass, and the other two acoustics!

Take it all but leave those things intact!

Leave those things intact, along with my complete collection of Smiths’ vinyl! You can take everything but you cannot take my dignity, my guitars and my Smiths’ record collection!

Or the biographies of Morrissey or the shelf of Beatles’ books which I have been collecting since I was fourteen or my poetry books! Take everything, but you will never have those!

In fact – you can’t take any of my material possessions; I want them all: the house, the car, the fine china, the bed, the towels, the welcome mat, the collection of Smurfs, the cat (yes, the cat), Fido (ha – didn’t know we had a dog, did we?), the mind-reading ceramic pelicans, all of that Star Trek stuff, everything with the letter ‘0’ in it and the statue of Bernard Cribbins. 

Leave it all… but you can have my dignity.

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