Monday, 26 September 2011

Alternative Titles for “The Scottish Play” When You are Putting on “The Scottish Play” and Start to Feel Slightly Pretentious Every Time You Refer to “The Scottish Play” As “The Scottish Play”

i.m. my lateral ligaments

You can call it Macdeath,
And refer to Macdeaf,
Or re-name it Macjeff,
Or Macbrecht or Macbreath.

You can try out Macteeth,
Or Macboth or Macbeef,
And consider Macdesk,
And allow for Macheath.[1]

For an apt name, Macbad
Would suffice, like Macmad;
If the lead man is cool,
You could call it Maclad.

If you’re rude, use Macbreasts,
If you’re risky, Macbet,
If you’re clean, use Macbath,
If you’re bust, use Macdebt.

But whatever you do,
Upon pain of sure death,
You must never refer
To this play as Macb...

[1] Blasted,  natch.

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