Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Family Joke

A new family joke, courtesy of St. Bernadette of the Abandoned Wine Warehouse (our sat-nav). BEAR LEFT. The first time I say it, “Where?” in response to her command, as I attempt some rare ill-timed levity in the midst of a brewing storm, it is met with completely understandable silence from all concerned. Three days later: same road, same bend, same command. Same joke. Different person (son 1). “Where? I can’t see a bear.” This time met with a ruffle of laughter. As with so many things in life, the exasperated “It wasn’t even funny the first time” lament of the humourless parent doesn’t apply. The more you say it, the funnier it becomes (have you never watched The Fast Show?). BEAR LEFT. “That’s not a bear, that’s a dual carriageway.” See? Absolutely hilarious. Or, as my sister might still say, thirty years on, “Absolutely Hilary’s Arse.” How we laughed.

(29th July Bandicoots-dels-Asphericals)


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  1. I now do the annoying Dad habit of making the same jokes every day. My family will eventually kill me, and quite right too.