Sunday, 30 August 2020

This Is the Way We Walk Backwards

One foot behind another

behind another



Indiscriminate reason

sees the cliff edge

before we stand on nothing

and fall


one second behind another

behind another behind


Thursday, 20 August 2020

Return to Silence


I gave you half a cloud,

but wanting is everything.

Nothing beyond boundaries

contrasts the light

with the dark.

We are all trapped

by this existence,

this game.

Wash the dishes now

and return to silence.

There are many points to life.

We choose the one which fits the best

and keep it in our pockets.

Have a piece of this broken mirror,

and another piece,

and another piece.

Meanwhile, I shall work it all out

and come to another wrong conclusion.

The car has no concept

of its driver.

The wind does not know

its own strength.

Give yourself.

My understanding of the world

may be characterised

as a giant question mark.

We walk in the rain

and then wonder how we got so wet.

We set fire to things

and wonder why they burn.

Room temperature

depends on the room.

All I know for sure is

that what I know

is only my interpretation.

Do you know the answer?

Then what?

I found out who I was

and tried to return to silence.