Sunday, 16 November 2014


I sit upon the floor inside
my childhood bedroom, wondering why
it is that God cannot be seen.
‘God is in everything,’ I’m told,
but I can see this isn’t true.

He isn’t in my radio.
He isn’t in my Action Man.
He isn’t in the church on Sunday.
Although I look, I cannot see
him in my mother’s shouting face.

I manufacture God from things
left lying on my bedroom floor:
some wooden blocks; a dried-out paintbrush;
the engine from my brother’s train-set;
and a wig from the dressing-up box.

God balances next to the bookshelf.
‘Hello there, God’ I say, but God
does not reply; he doesn’t have
a mouth. ‘Here, borrow mine,’ I say.
I wear God’s wig and start to talk.

I talk like God, or how I think
that God would talk. I open-shut
my mouth, then open-shut my mouth
again as silence fills the room.
I stand there, mute, more fish than God.

‘For God is very like a fish,’
I say, in pompous, priestly tones.
I open-shut my fish-God mouth
for one last time, de-wig myself,
and put God back inside his boxes.

Saturday, 15 November 2014


How can anyone eat a black pudding?
Giant, sausage-shaped animal scab,
the clotted life-force bled from an animal
so that a hangover may be combatted
courtesy of a Full English with all the trimmings.
It is more delicious than a punch in the face,
and as visually appealing as a blood-spattered windscreen
at the scene of an RTA.
See as they knock themselves out
with their perverse culinary tastes
and inability to think outside
their own heads.

House Fire

I want to burn your house down,
not because I like flames,
or want you dead,
but as a futile gesture
of my granite rage.
I want to set your house on fire,
or maybe break in
when you’re on holiday for two weeks,
and leave the taps running,
and the central heating on
with the thermostat on full,
to see how you react
to having everything you value
taken away from you.
I want to set fire to your house,
to seal every door and window frame,
and fill the house with gas.
And stand in the hall,
and stare at the light switch,
remembering, remembering, remembering.