Monday, 29 July 2019

It Isn’t Exactly Silence

Nobody likes it when this happens.
And thus it was that I tore the pages from my notebook.
Stop now; this has gone too far.
What exactly does anyone mean by
the square-root of fuck-all?
Nobody ever talks of these things.
Nobody ever talks.
How many esses should that be?

It's Like This

What is the sound of the weather changing?
Is it harmonious, euphonious cacophony,

or simply wind blowing through trees
before the splash of raindrops in an empty garden?

Compare the sound of raindrops in an empty garden
with the sound of emptiness in a garden of raindrops.

Last night, I did not sleep.
That is the sound of the weather changing.

Monday, 22 July 2019

To Look Outside

We are the Gods of Foolishness,
proclaiming loudly to the world
our childish wisdom. Yet we know
so little, even of ourselves.

We listen too much to our thoughts
and feelings; wrap ourselves in self.
We trust in our interpretations,
yet all our trust has been misplaced.

It is imagination’s fault –
we let it carry us away
to where we aren’t, and there we stay,
believing all our made perspectives.

We find ourselves stuck in this place.
It brings us nothing but despair,
and yet we make a home inside its walls;
draw the curtains; lock the doors.

It is a self-made cell, whose safety
allows us to waste our lives ranting.
But listen: no one’s listening.
Pull back the curtains; unlock the door.

Quiet your thoughts; distance your feelings.
Allow yourself to take a leap
of faith; to walk outside, in silence,
for you must start to live again.

Each one of us can find a path
which leads us to a different view:
a place to look outside ourselves;
an endless sky, pointing to heaven.