Monday, 12 October 2015


This is a free advert for Morrissey! Buy his new novel, 'List of the Lost', and you'll encounter these alliterative, assonant, repetitious and rhyming delights - just like the title itself!

Page 1

 ‘...yet hidden behind the musculature that will fall in time at life’s finishing line.’

‘At such an avoidable call they shall be minus all...’

‘...calmly narcissistic ass-to-the-grass...’

Page 2

‘Imperishable, they train insatiably; companions in pleasure and passionate in sentiments, they are the living picture of the desired physique and the voluntary affection amongst friends that survives time.’

‘...yet here was a foursome to whom no outward event could dent flesh or expression.’

Page 3

‘...the erotic reality of the deltoid deities who have no inhibitions in bodies fully occupied and enjoyed.’

‘Heatedly, the four gather daily, minus boos and taboos...’

Page 4

‘Electrons from me need electrons from you in order to become electrons.’

‘Our four favoured athletes have the task of relaying in relay and can therefore knock aside bothersome border boundaries...’

Page 5

‘Second by second the body is ponderable, ponderable, ponderable in any reflective surface.’

Page 6

‘...whose shaft of speed leaves sparks...’

‘In the heat and the heart of the moment...’

‘....Mr Rim’s glib jib he repeatedly mumbo jumbo’s his muttering mantra....’

‘Light rain taps their faces like uncommitted kisses...’

Page 7

‘ June approaches like a meteorite...’

‘Somewhere alone within the hole of the soul...’

‘...who very quickly found their way back before any serious habits and hooks took the last of their luck or led them knuckle to knuckle with the machete of justice.’

*Sorry that they only go to the end of page 7, but I had to gouge my eyes out for fear of reading further*