Monday, 4 February 2013

I Remember Johnny*

I remember Kooky Milksop,
As if ‘twere yesterday,
Kooky Kooky Milksop,
Son of Mr Grey.

He use-a be so starry-spangle,
Flying through the air,
On elevated table-tops,
Without him’s teddy bear.

Oh, I remember Doris Hatstand,
Just like last night’s moon,
Doris Doris Hatstand,
Son of Mr Spoon.

A-waiting on a busy road,
To play a game of chance,
He made us all so laughing at
His “Run Me Over” dance.

And thus we all a-fare-thee-well,
From here to nowhere fast,
Bloody Rumplestiltskin,
Son of Mr Last.


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