Thursday, 21 February 2013

Balladus Populusque Bananas!

I’m going to steal a cake and run away,
   Then hide inside a pot of tea for two,
Where soundly shall I sleep for half-a-day,
   Allowing me a proper chance to stew,
   Both inside out and through and through and through.
I’ll serve myself upon a silver tray,
   In finest Wedgewood china, white and blue.
I’ve had enough of sensible today.

I’m going to claim to be the letter A,
   I’ve never liked the prospect of a Q,
I’ll always be the first, unlike old J,
  Whose plans to be in front went quite askew –
   The oafish fathead hasn’t got a clue –
He goes around pretending to be K,
  When clearly he’d be better off as U!
I’ve had enough of sensible today.

I’m going to fly a brick without delay,
   Before I teach my telephone kung-fu,
Whilst sending all clothes to Mandalay,
   (I wouldn’t try this out if I were you –
   You’ll end up with extremities of blue),
Instead, consider what I have to say:
  A broken heart is best repaired with glue.
I’ve had enough of sensible today.

Pants! What now I know is not what once I knew,
    I can’t just nonsense everything away,
When all is said, there’s little left that’s true.
   I’ve had enough of sensible today.

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