Monday, 20 June 2011


This prosaic humdrudgery,
This endless horizon,
This despicable certainty,
This laceration of the mind,
This inconsequential rubbish,
The crushing defeatism,
This disingenuous mendacity,
This made-mockery of reality,
This discarded wisdom,
This unlearned lesson,
This not-made never-will-be-made,
This failed outcome,
This hateful obligation,
This degenerate fuckwittery,
This shouted-out-loud anger,
This unheard voice,
This vanquished love,
This inauspicious middle,
This sharpened lexicon,
This cornered nightmare,
This constricted ambition,
This requited despair,
This not art,
This indistinguishable right-wrong,
This unwished-for emptiness,
This consumed-by tears,
This chilling corollary,
This end-it-all-now end-it-all,
This smouldering fester,
This unbelieved wish,
This accepted lie,
This awfulness,
   This u nen dura b       le,
      This ca           n’t-b         ear-i        t,
         This in      tens       ity e            ter          nity,
            This ine      x plic        able
               This to     o com     plete ban           al      ity,
                   This lo        ok, h           ere-i   t-com    es fin a lit           y,
B                                                        u                               


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