Monday, 25 April 2011


Page 211 – Shoes

SHOES – Inventor, (?) Sir Geoffrey de Shoe, Milan (c.1158). Increasingly considered by many to be a form of “modern psychosis” (source: Dr Stephen Carbuncle, School of Pedology, Twats College, Cambridge; “Psyshoesis: a Growing Trend” [Tedious Publications, 2010]). Mental Health professionals have pushed for wider recognition of problems associated with “footwear sociopathy”.
Symptoms (various): inability to walk past Clarks without scoffing sarcastically; avoidance of shoes which fit and are comfortable; obsessive fascination with “ridiculous” creations, such as the notorious “stiletto” (orig. Latin painful blade).
Treatment: none known.   


  1. lol I think I might actually suffer from “footwear sociopathy”, the only thing I wear is either (almost) knee hight boots that weight 2kg each, make your ankles really hurt and gives you loads of blisters(and I'm actually obsessed with them) or a biker boots... which are even worse! ;)

  2. czolgista - then this one's for you!