Tuesday, 14 January 2014


sesquipedalicon, neologism (intransitive portmanteau 'sesquipedalian + emoticon'): an emoticon which is too complex to be expressed as a series of twee punctuation marks, and whose characters thus have to be translated into, or expressed as, words (see ‘paradox’ if in danger of taking this definition too seriously).
E.g. “As an historical document, Blackadder displays exactly the sort of inaccuracies which one would associate with a Stalinist state #missingthepoint @*sententious face*.”

Having trawled the net exhaustively on Google for eight minutes, here are the best sesquipedalicons which I have encountered so far, mainly on twatter, but also on Falseberk and other anti-social media shites. In keeping with the Oxford English Dictionary's convention, I have typed the sesquipedalicons between asterisks and in bold type. 

‘Tis with our judgment as our watches, none
Go just alike, yet each believes his own – #AlexanderPope @*apophthegmatic face*

Things moving really slowly #tryingtolosemyvirginity @*fluvioglacial face*

Just found some photographs of my great-grandfather in a box in the attic! *chromolithographic face*

Can anybody tell me how “Hamlet” influenced “Catch 22”? #PhDsaintwhattheyusedtobe@ *intertextual face*

Cough! Splutter! #ihopeidonthavelungcancer @*pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiositic face*

The shit just hit the fan #francoishollande @*excremental face*

I’ve just seen my double! #mirrorseverywhere @*doppelganger face*

Just seen David Cameron! #ifeelsick @*oleaginous face*

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