Sunday, 12 January 2014


for Everyone

“We are not put on earth to be happy but to ensure
The effective production of Daihatsu Hatchbacks”
Peter Porter (Civilization and its Disney Contents)

Do not expect the whoop of happiness
to be a true companion; try, instead,
to reconcile yourself to misery,
for you and I are failures (are we not?)
and misery is failure’s wretched son.

Maybe I oversimplify, for sake
of being candid (please excuse this fault).
I could be wrong, but if we all agree
on stanza (i), perhaps the joint acceptance
might bring us all a pinch of happiness?

Alternatively, bomb around the town
proclaiming, “I am happy! I am happy!”
when clearly you are not. Your rictal mask
won’t fool us partners from the Dismal Bloc.
If you agree, please let me know. Who’s with me?

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