Sunday, 2 June 2013

Levitating Duck

Walking past the lake, I catch sight of a duck, levitating. I have not seen a duck managing to levitate before, so this is a surprise. Of course, I say levitating. The duck isn’t hovering above the surface of the water in a zen-like trance, as you might imagine (well, as you might imagine if someone introduces the idea of a levitating duck into your consciousness). No, it’s like this: although levitating duck’s feet are partially underwater, you can definitely see his legs, so he isn’t swimming, and unless his feet are resting on a submerged jetty how else can one explain his semi-hidden legs except by some sort of levitation?
   I apply the same rigorous logic when searching for the truth about other impossible things.

If it looks like a figment of the imagination and acts like a figment of the imagination then it’s probably a levitating duck.

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