Tuesday, 21 May 2013


For Joanella

Together we shall walk
And be awake
To nature’s pristine lines.
I stop and lean
Upon your outstretched arm.
Your hand is warm
Against my too-cold skin.
Because we can –
Because there is no rush
To leave the wish
Of silence which we feel –
We stay here, still,
For just a moment more
Before we move.

And in that second’s pause,
We see each piece
Of nature’s strange design:
Fierce, mystic sun;
Colossal, open skies;
And Earth, whose human scars
Will one day heal
Themselves. “We are made whole,”
You say, and as
You speak, I see what is.
Words break the spell;
And so, time spills
Towards us, having stopped.
We take a step.

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