Saturday, 18 May 2013

Secrets of Love My Arse

for AO

“Secrets of Love My Arse”

Or “A Bold Adventure in the New Poetic”

A Book of Poems

By Stan & Ann O’Nymous


1 Love My Arse
2 57 Rhymes for Love (icl. ‘above’)
3 I Love My Glove
4 I Love My Dove
5 What I Love (see above)
6 Ode on a Node

Sonnet Sequence:

(i)                Love, Part 1
(ii)             Love, Part 2
(iii)           Love, Part 4
(iv)            Love, Part 67
(v)              Love, Particle
(vi)            Love, Part 6 (‘Back on Track’)
(vii)         Love, Partially Blinded by
(viii)       Love, Partition Wall 8
(ix)            Love, Part Part
(x)              Love, Party

Secrets, a Sequence:

(i)                Secret 1: I Love My Arse
(ii)             Secret 2: Love? My Foot
(iii)           Secret 3: Love Rhymes with Shove
(iv)            Secret 4: I am an Poet

Longer Poem: “Why Does Nobody Love My Poetry Apart From Me?”

Published by “Poetry Books Which Nobody Reads”

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