Monday, 13 May 2013


Awkward Silence glues a Do Not Disturb sign to his face (the Do Not Disturb sign from the Beauchamp Hotel which he had put in his back pack by mistake). He learns that people are bad at reading Do Not Disturb signs from London hotels, even when they are glued to his face, so he removes it with the edge of a shopping trolley.

In its place, Awkward pins a Closed sign to his forehead (the Closed sign which he had accidentally borrowed from a barber shop in Kent). He learns that people are bad at reading Closed signs from Kentish barber shops, even when they are pinned to his forehead. He removes it with the back of an envelope.

Awkward Silence steals a much larger sign. It covers his whole face. It is attached to a pole. Golf Sale Today it says.

At last, people ignore him.

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