Friday, 27 December 2013

26 Words

A new direction.
It’s time for change.
Plan for change.
Ready for change.
Vote for change.
Leadership for a better future.
Britain can deliver.
Hardworking people.

Change Britain.
Change for people.
Change can change.
It’s time for a new hardworking leadership.
Plan for direction.
Vote for better.
Deliver for a future.

People vote for a hardworking future.
It’s time for Plan A.
Britain better deliver.
Leadership ready for new direction.
For change! For change!
Can change change?

Britain can deliver time for hardworking people.
Ready for new change.
It’s change (for a change).
Vote for a future
Plan for better.
Change leadership direction.

Plan! Vote! Deliver!
Change! Change!
Time for Britain! Ready for Better! Leadership for People! 
   Hardworking For New!
It’s a change!
For a future can change direction.

[The eight phrases in (i) were the slogans for the last eight Conservative Party Conferences; I arsed about with them for 'stanzas' - pah! - (ii)-(v).]

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