Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dog Inna Bocks!

i had an ittle doggy bark,
And pud hin im a bocks,
Which had a speshy everythink,
Including magick lox.

Mine woofy all go, “Bow-wow-wow!”
i finky wanted out,
And so i got unlocky-key,
“Ex-cape!” i loudy shout.

The ‘cited bow-wow, woofy mutt,
Ran squircles, chased his tale,
Then klappsy inna canine heap,
Oh, no! Oh, bocksy jail!

For wunss the mackijj lox was ope’d,
It kuden’t ope again,
And little doggu barky woof
Was stuck; oh, woof a pain.

That barky-woof-thing staid kwite still,
Apart from breathe: out-in.
But not for long, for soony stopt,
No breve, no barky-din.

Oh, dog! You was a woofy fool,
And not a woofy boffin.
u never shoulda played inside
That woofy bocksy coffin.

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