Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Porpoise and the Harebrain

Harebrain was boasting about his running prowess. “I am the fastest animal around here!”
            All of the other creatures agreed with Harebrain. “You are indeed the fastest thing around here!” they chorused enthusiastically, as if being born with the I can run fast gene was somehow an achievement.
            Dave the Badger injected a note of cold reality into the conversation by muttering something about fast of limb yet slow of brain, but no-one heard him as he was eating a packet of Quavers at the time.
            Just then (yes, just then) Porpoise poked his head out of the sea (it was a post-apocalyptic fable where everywhere was near the sea, silver linings and all that). “Bollocks! I could easily beat you in a race!” yelled Porpoise, and swam off to kill a mackerel.
            Harebrain ran off to cry behind a small sand dune. “Don’t forget your dunce’s cap!” shouted Dave the Badger.

And everyone laughed.

Moral: Ooh, look! You can run fast! And?

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