Friday, 8 June 2018

And I Danced

All packed up and ready to flee,
I left my unloved room for the last time,
walked across the hall and down
the stairs, then paused outside the opened
study door of that half-wit monk.

An argument is in full swing.
(How perfect! Does it ever stop?)
A red-faced peer is remonstrating
with Fr. Half-wit, but he stops
and turns his head as I appear.

‘I’m leaving now!’ I almost sing,
‘And never shall return! Farewell!
Adieu! And toodle-pip to all!’
My red-faced former comrade smiles;
replies in kind; the argument resumes.

I had no words left for that place,
and so I danced. I danced across
the gravel. I danced down the drive.
I danced towards the waiting coach.
I danced away from all those things.

1 comment:

  1. "things" indeed. and of course dancing is the best cure