Saturday, 13 August 2016

Passive Subversive

You’ve all heard of passive aggressive behaviour, but have you heard of other equally used passive behaviours? No? Well, never mind, because this week on ‘You and Your List’, Dr Desdemona Yoghurt, Professor of Headbutting at Hangover College, University of Luton Airport, lists the Top Ten passive behaviours which you all ought to know:  

10 Passive Competitive 

9 Passive Counterproductive

8 Passive Effusive

7 Passive Disruptive

6 Passive Suggestive

5 Passive Offensive

4 Passive Incommunicative

3 Passive Hyperactive

2 Passive Vindictive 

1 Passive Neoconservative

[All examples of passive behaviours can be taken as modules in the University of L.A.’s Combined Studies Degree (B.A.) which leads to a professional qualification as a vegetable handler.]

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