Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Discarded Rant

Stumbled across this unfinished rant today (written 28th August, 2011, apparently). According to the title, I was going to offer some solutions. Maybe that was why I abandoned it: there weren't any?

"Three Idiotic Groups and Some Solutions to Their Malaise"

Wherever I look these days, England seems to be populated by A-List Idiots 
   who all have Ph.Ds in being moronic.
You may well glibly counter by saying, “Oh, it’s not that bad,” but it is: the 
   idiotic situation in certain quarters is beyond chronic.
There’s an epidemic of two short planks,
As evidenced by the weapons-grade fuckwits who’ve been too-long in charge 
   of our banks,
All merrily bowdlerizing this island’s fiscal security,
By behaving as if common sense represented some sort of disgusting, 
   intellectual impurity.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, the task of spending the vast monies raised in 
   taxes by the Inland Revenue,
Has somehow been given to a bunch of fatheaded, nouveaux parvenus,
Each one an insufferable crook, whose pitifully insincere defence is,
“That it’s a regrettable error of judgement, to steal a million or two on 
And yet, like a capricious teenager – cheerful one minute, the next 
   unaccountably moody and quiet –
They abandon their charade of contrition, the second they hear there’s a riot,
And rancorously denounce the despicable behaviour of the amoral, 
   criminal underclass,
While the rest of us are sitting here thinking: they shouldn’t throw stones, 
   whose second houses are made of glass.
On top of which, we are inescapably bombarded at every turn by the gurning 
   images of celebrities, for whom the only surety,
Is that they all deserve to languish, in ignominious obscurity.

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