Monday, 1 July 2013

Ain’t Not No Nothing (Nor Nowt)

There is no weather out in space,
   There are no flowers on the moon,
There is no saving without grace,
   There are no winter storms in June,
   There are no mornings after noon,
There is no warmth in Death’s embrace,
   There are no fashions in maroon,
There is no life without a trace.
   Announce it in a southern drawl:
   There ain’t no dinosaurs at all.

There is no heaven in the sky,
  There are no magic beanstalk beans,
There is no ‘not’ inside of ‘why?’
   There are no stains in that which cleans,
   There are no wrongs within our genes,
There is no ‘welcome’ in ‘good-bye’,
   There are no ills from eating greens,
There is no answer when we die.
   Please say it in the Voice of Doom:
   There is no exit from the tomb.

There is no window to the soul,
   There are no miracles, in fact,
There is no substance to a hole,
   There are no spaces when we’re packed,
   There are no sins which don’t detract,
There is no view inside a bowl,
   There are no codes which can’t be cracked,
There is no noise like rock’n’ roll.
   Declare these words in crystal tones:
   There is no life when all is bones.

These things should send you round the bend,
   For life's a joke and should offend,
And surely even children know,
   There is no nothing in the end.

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