Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Tedious Rise of Passionate About

Do we expect accountants to be ‘passionate about being boring’?
Or prostitutes to be ‘passionate about shamelessly whoring’?
Do we expect carpet-fitters to be ‘passionate about laying flooring’ –
   Even vinyl or laminate?
Should pathologists be ‘passionate about bodies inanimate’?

Should furniture-makers be ‘passionate about chairs’?
Do ticket collectors really need to be ‘passionate about collecting fares’?
Should spies be ‘passionate about spying on people unawares’ –
   Even when it’s scary?
Should barbers be ‘passionate about making men less hairy’?

Would you want your dentist to be ‘passionate about matters dental’?
Any takers for a shrink who’s ‘passionate about people who are mental’?
And would you hire a car from a man who’s ‘passionate about car rental’ –
   Even though the cars are all second-hand?
Do we want our fish and chip shop owners to be ‘passionate about food 
   that’s tasteless and bland’? 

Do we expect tax inspectors to be ‘passionate about collecting tax’?
Should woodcutters be ‘passionate about wielding an axe’?
Should beauticians be ‘passionate about giving you an all-over wax’ –
   Even a Brazilian?
Should politicians be ‘passionate about trying not to appear reptilian’?   

No. No sane person could be passionate about their career,
And to claim that they are is just marketing veneer
Cooked up by people whose currency is intellectual diarrhoea –
   Repulsive, vile and stinking:
From people incapable of rational thinking.

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