Friday, 25 January 2013

Nursery Alphabet

Some lost doggerel, which was written with a group of 
unfortunates and then left to rot on the laptop. Recently
discovered by a confused archaeologist...

A is for dustbin, all covered in soup,
B is for window, whoops a-smashy-oop,
C is for nasty, all dreadful and scary,
D is for what’s that? All bald like a fairy.
E is for mouse-trap, squeak-squeaky, die!
F is for haircut, fall in your eye,
G is for fish-pond, glug, glug, glug, splash!
H is for whoopsie, all smashetty-smash!
I is for stupid, all thicko and der,
J is for laughter, all covered in myrrh,
K is for X-Men, they don’t like a fight,
L is for moo cow, all zipped-up and tight,
M is for yellow, all green, blue and red,
N is for string-vest, put on your head,
O is for tea-cup, fill up with glue,
P is for tie-pin, shiny and new,
Q is for doo-dah, fat like a splodge,
R is for flim-flam, bibbly stodge,
S is for pencil, poke in your face,
T is for cloud-pig, high up in space,
U is for pipe-line, all full of oil,
V is for post-card, stuffed in the soil,
W is for Batman, blowing his nose,
X is for clever, just like a rose,
Y is for ping-pong, ping-pingy-pong,
Z is for alphabet, silly and wrong.

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