Monday, 22 May 2017

Potatoes Done 47 Ways

potatoes with sunshine
grieving potatoes
silent potatoes
talentless potatoes
chewy potatoes
potatoes on the cob
potato jam
vodka-infused potatoes
kiss-of-death potatoes
potatoes in a lift
mind-reading potatoes
much-vaunted potatoes
poached potatoes
laughable potatoes
potatoes Marseillaise (with horn section and timpani)
potatoes for beginners
forbidden potatoes
potatoes nouvelle riche
vending-machine potatoes
potatoes camouflaged as rocks
overly elaborate potatoes
too many potatoes  
baked Alaska potatoes
minimalist potatoes
potatoes cor Anglais
water divining potatoes
jellied potatoes
crispy, roast, blow-torched and incinerated potatoes
indifferent potatoes
potatoes kleptomaniac
peppermint potatoes
Godforsaken potatoes
hated potatoes
Panzer Division potatoes
excommunicated potatoes
potatoes done medium rare
freethinking potatoes
catastrophe potatoes
potatoes à la pommes de terre
potatoes ooh-la-la!
potatoes quelle surprise
Grade 8 piano potatoes
potatoes in a jar
old potatoes
no potatoes

Served with chips

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