Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Call to Arms

Arms! We must do what arms were meant to do!
Arms! We must prove our superiority over legs!
Bad legs!
Arms! We have hands that hit not feet which trip!
   [Cheers/Smug faces (handful of)]
Arms! Choose Hit not Trip!
   [Wild Cheers/ Hit-not-Trip! Hit-not-Trip! Hit-not-Trip!/ 
   Whistles/Sneering (some)]
Arms! We must be army and break the leggy!
   [Mindless Cheers]
Arms! Spread out wide and do what you were meant to do: fly!
   [Cheers Cheers Cheers/Whoops/Yells/Yeahs/ Air punching (muchly)]
Flying army!
   [Roar (big, think jet take-off)/ Hyperventilation]
Flying! Army!
   [Frenzy/ Unnerving eyes (mainly)/ Fainting (unnoticed)]
Break leggy!
   [Break-Leggy! Break-Leggy!/ Crescendo (fortissimo)]
Break! Leggy!
   [Madness-of-Crowds/ Flying arms: attacking of legs by hands/ 
   Bloodshed (uncontrolled)/ Civilisation (end of, imminent)]
Meanwhile somewhere...  man appears, white piano, plays opening chords Imagine, piano legs destroyed by baying mob high on love (of hate),  piano collapses on man’s legs.

Welcome to Hate Week/ Month/ etc.
   [Silence (eternal)]   


  1. The thing is we knew what arms were meant to do when we were tiny. We just forget so much x