Monday, 1 December 2014

Time and Season

Time meets with Season every Tuesday
to talk about philosophy
and poetry and opera,
but Season only wants to talk
about celebrities and pop
music and Coronation Street.

‘Although I like the lucid insights
of Bertrand Russell, nothing equals
the wisdom shown by Seneca…’
Season confuses Bertrand Russell
with Russell Brand; the conversation
takes some unexpected detours.

‘I swoon for Byron, Keats and Shelley.
Romantic poets represent
humanity’s apotheosis…’
Season expresses admiration
for Ronan Keating’s amorous
endeavours, and his back catalogue.

‘Where Mozart’s operas play to full
houses, enlightenment can dazzle
even the dullard’s loutish heart…’
Season says Moz’s favourite soap
opera was Coronation Street,
‘Which shows he had at least some taste.’

Time is in love with Season’s presence.
Season is not aware of Time’s
affections. Time understands this.

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