Sunday, 19 October 2014

amateur formula 1

amateur f1
bad press
due to
628 car pile up
on m25
venue for
amateur f1
gb grand prix
said organisers
‘no idea m25
so busy
friday 4.30 pm
thought most people
still at work
planned deal with
small volume traffic
by flashing lights
get out of effing way’
this year’s winning car
amateur f1 xr3i
said winner
‘amateur f1 cars
normal cars but
i think i’m a f1 racing driver
on side
in orange crayon’
plans ban amateur f1
‘clear infringement civil liberties’
jeremy arseson
elsewhere ukip councillor
‘628 car pile up
result too many immigrants
also god’s judgment
not banning
foreign shit
beards curry french names’ 

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