Wednesday, 16 April 2014

An Explanation of British Post-War Architecture

(after reading too much Luke Kennard)

young thrusting architect
v dynamic v clev
takes time from design
dog biscuit factory
to do PhD dissert
on An Expl of Brit
Post-W Archit
why so shit?
what happened?
who to blame?
young thrust v clev etc archit also
a young thrust etc
quantum physicist
builds time machine
t mach set to 1966
town planning meeting (Birmingh.)
young etc notices clothes of
chief town planner
flared brown polyester trousers?
shirt collar size of small table?
purple paisley kipper tie?
who gave him the keys to the kingdom?
etc sets t mach to 1974
town plan meet (Middlesb.)
sees chief t planner
tie tucked into trousers?
sideburns as large as medium-sized cat?
hair by Vidal Baboon?
what sort of town did we
think he would build?
explains everything
young thrusting architect
publishes findings in much lauded PhD
recycles time machine
as kitchen appliances:
microwave oven kettle
chronologically-challenged toaster

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