Sunday, 9 February 2014

This Week’s Football Punditry

Every week, we ask a famous bus-driver for his views on the latest shenanigans in the Premiership. This week, Dave, famed for his handling of the Tunbridge Wells-Rusthall 107 shuttle service (which doesn’t exist).

fergusthepoet: So, Dave, with Citeh losing more points, Arsenal playing like a boutique of poodles and the mighty Chelsea back to their glorious best under Voldermortinho, surely it’s all over bar the phone-ins?

Dave: I’m more of a cricket man myself. That Ireland, eh? Beating the Welsh. Marvellous. And without Pietersen. We used to get a lot of stabbings on the 107, but not since all the undesirables left to become bankers and MPs.

f: Thanks, Dave. As insightful as ever.

Next week: Ahmed, who operates the Kabul-Islamabad suicide run.

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